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Account Picker

Icon Meaning
All Mail Filter
Un/read Filter
Un/Star Filter
Incoming Filter
Cluster Settings
Turn on/off Dark Mode

Account Status

Icon Meaning
Account is Syncing
Account is silenced
Account is not connected

Bottom Bar

Icon Meaning
Emails from Contacts
Compose an email
Tasks List
More Settings and Options

Compose View

Icon Meaning
Send an email
Add a contact

Rich Text Editor

Icon Meaning
Open/Close Rich Text Editor
Text Size
Font Type
Text Color
Insert Image
Insert Hyperlink

Email Status Indicators

Icon Meaning
Email contains an attachment
Cluster is Closed
Cluster is Opened
Email is Starred
Replies in email thread
Email is Unread. The number indicates the amount of unread emails in the Cluster
Email is Read

Avatar Icons

Icon Meaning
Email is Important
Email has been Blocked
Email has been Snoozed
Email is overdue

Vertical 3-Dot Menu

Icon Meaning
Vertical 3-Dot Menu
Search the current folder
Multi Edit many emails
Refresh the Mail View
Invite your Friends
Send us Feedback

Swipe Menu Icons

Icon Meaning
Snooze Default
Reply All
Mark Read
Mark Unread
Quick Replies

Bottom Bar in Mail View

Icon Meaning
Mark as Done
Delete the Email
Reply All
More Options

3-Dots Account Settings

Icon Meaning
Reorder Accounts
Accounts Status


Icon Meaning
Return to Mail View
Next Message
Previous Message
Return to Previous Menu

Mail View

Icon Meaning
Reply Menu

People Switch

The People toggle switch found in the upper right-hand corner is a quick and easy way to hide Services from the mail list. With a flip of the toggle switch, all services are hidden from the mail list leaving only emails from People or Groups. Learn More…

Various Account Settings

Here you can configure different settings that apply to the specific account you have selected. Learn More…

Icon Meaning

Where Can I Learn More?

BlueMail is constantly adding new and exciting features for many different devices. To learn more about upcoming news, features, or even device specific solutions, please visit us at one of the links below.

  • BlueMail Reviews – Here you can read what users and members of the press have to say about BlueMail
  • BlueMail Info – Here is where you can find all sorts of news regarding features both upcoming and present
  • BlueMail Devices – Learn about device specific solutions such as Push and Notification settings
  • BlueMail Providers – See all of the different providers BlueMail supports
  • BlueMail Guide – Have a specific use in mind? Find it here at BlueMailGuide.com
  • BlueMail Tutorial – Get started using BlueMail using this handy guide
  • BlueMail Security – Find out how BlueMail works hard to keep your data safe

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