How to set Vibrations on Notifications?

To access vibrate setup per account go to More | Notifications | Scroll to the account | Sound|Vibrate|LED | Vibrate

  • Enable Vibrate – Enable/disable vibrate.
  • Vibration patterns – Choose the length option.
  • Repeat Vibration – Choose the number of repetitions.
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How to Switch Between Split Screen / Full Screen on Tablets?

For tablets, on the top right of your screen in BlueMail, you can tap the 2 arrows icon, this will switch between a split view to your main inbox list view

Note: For Phablets you can activate Split View by using: More | Global Settings | Advanced Features | Display Mode | Split Screen. And restart BlueMail.

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How to Show Next Email After Deleting?

You can set the behavior after deleting an email using More | Global Settings | Advanced Features | Show after Deleting a Message:

  • Mail List –  To show the mail list after deleting.
  • Next Mail –  To show the next email after deleting.
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What Time Formats are Supported?

BlueMail support multiple date / time presentation options:

  • Absolute – Exact date / time.
  • Relative – How long ago compared to now (in minutes, hours, or days…).

Those settings can be found in More | Global Settings | Customized Appearance | Date / Time Format.

In addition, if you change your Android time settings between 12 / 24 hour format BlueMail will adapt iteslf.

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How to Clear Cache ? How to Remove Old Emails ?

You can clear the cache by tapping More (o o o) | Global Settings | Advanced Features | Clear Cache.

After the process is done, BlueMail will re-download your emails according to the amount of days set in your Days to Sync setting.

Your stored Emails/Task/Later/Done will be cleared. Your Settings and Accounts will be kept intact.


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How to Unblock a Sender?

We are not offering a spam filter per se, but a Spam Management tool relying on your provider spam filter: Your provider has special software that detects suspicious emails and puts them in spam. That will be reflected in BlueMail as well as the web client of the provider.

Any settings done in BlueMail complements your provider’s actions, and we cannot undo or override your provider. So essentially:

If you Block a Sender in BlueMail, you can then Unblock this address or domain to trust them again.

However, if your provider’s filter identified something as spam, it will move the emails to the Spam folder and we will not be able to change this. Even if we tried, your provider would move it back to spam.

To Unblock a Sender that was Blocked using BlueMail’s Spam feature, Go to the Spam folder | Open an email | Tap the 

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What are Quick Replies?

In order to use quick replies, in your main inbox list view please swipe the mail to the right | Select ‘More +’ | Quick Reply (at the bottom)

You can also quick reply when viewing an email by tapping the 3-dot menu in the bottom right corner | More Actions | Quick Reply.

Afterwards, you’ll be prompted to “Insert Quick Reply” and can use one of the many quick replies available on the list.

To edit or add a Quick Reply, please tap *o o o* | Global Settings | Customize Menus | Configure Quick Replies.

Note: You can also use Quick Replies Directly from the List View.


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How can I Add Myself to BCC Automatically?

To set this option, please tap More | Various Account Settings | choose account | Advanced Account Settings | Always BCC | Enter your own address.

You can do it for one or more of your accounts to give yourself maximum flexibility.

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