What is Group Mail, How Can I Use It?

Since a lot of your emails involve the same groups of people you regularly communicate with, we created the ability to define, send, and receive messages within BlueMail Groups naturally.

It makes a lot of sense to speed up the process of mobile email communications with groups. We’ve created Group Mail to address this. Sending mobile emails and receiving group emails has never been easier!

  • Create a Group – Bring your contacts together by creating a Group.
  • Send to Groups – Instead of inserting all the contacts individually, write the group name and you are good to go.
  • Name & Photo – Assign a Group Name and a Photo for each group.

Group Mail by BlueMail is a big leap forward for mobile email users.


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What are Suggested Groups?

Suggested Groups are Groups that are not fully defined yet e.g. Without a name or avatar. They are displayed under the Suggested Group tab.

Tap More (o o o) | Edit Profile, Groups & Contacts | Groups tab | Suggested Groups | Scroll through the list of <Suggest a name> until you see a group you wish to create.

Tap on them to edit and define them. To learn more about Groups, click here.

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Send an email to a Group

To send an email to a Group tap the Compose button and start typing the name of the Group in the To field.

  • Choose the relevant group from the list, compose your email and send it.
  • Another way is to search in the Groups & Contacts screen:
    • Tap the + icon (right to the To line)
    • Switch to Groups and select one
    • Tap Next

The email will be sent to all the Group members.

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Naming a Group and setting a Photo

To edit the Group Name and Photo, tap on the Group Icon.

Edit Name

  • Tap on the Pen Icon
  • Enter the new Group Name
  • Tap SAVE

Edit Group Photo

Tap on the Camera icon and then:

  • Choose Photo – from your Gallery
  • From Camera – Take a Picture
  • Web Search – Look for an image Online




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Creating and Removing a Group

There are three ways to create a new Group:

  • If you’ve sent or received an email with more than one recipient, tap the group avatar (icon) and you’ll get a screen where you can edit the group info.
  • Another way is to save a suggested group, tap More (o o o) | Edit Profile, Groups & Contacts | Select Groups tab | Select <Suggested Groups> tab | Tap on a Group.
  • To create a group from scratch, tap More (o o o) | Edit Profile, Groups & Contacts | Select Groups tab | CREATE | Add contacts | Add Image and Name.

To delete a group, simply remove the group name and photo using the group edit menu.

To learn more about how to edit a Group’s Name and Photo, click here.

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