How to Backup and Sync your Accounts between Multiple Devices? What is SMS Verification?

BlueMail allows you to safely sync all your accounts to your other or new devices! To do it both easily and safely please follow the following steps:

On your other/new device, add an account you already had on your old device.

You will get a system message that allows you to sync your accounts by tapping Verify Number.

If you choose Later you can always get back to the sync process by tapping More (o o o) | Global Settings | Advanced Features | Backup Accounts

You will need to enter your mobile phone number.


Press Send and after a short while you will get an SMS with a 5 digit code.

You will be asked to enter that code and confirm it.


You have few tries and when you are able to enter the right code you have verified your number on that new device.

Now the verification

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My Profile

BlueMail enables you to add your own photo for each of your accounts. This is a great way to associate your official photo with your business account while having a fun photo associated with your personal account or any additional accounts you have on BlueMail

To edit your profile, tap More (o o o) | Edit Profile, Groups & Contacts | My Profile. Tap the “Edit” on each of the left circles to upload your own profile photo per account. Then, press Back to confirm the changes.

BlueMail My Profile


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What is the People View?

The People View is a new and original way to view your Inbox and reduce its clutter.
It arranges your emails into three types:

  • People
  • Groups
  • Services

Tapping on one of the People will open a list of all your conversations with that person.

Tapping one of the groups will display all the Group’s email threads.

Opening a Service from the People view will open a list of all the emails you got from that Service.

The display is sorted based on the newest emails to the oldest.


How can I see only Groups and Contacts?

Use the “Contacts” filter to view the emails from your Groups and Contacts.

Tap on the People View | Tap on the top bar – center | Contacts


How can I see only Services?

Use the “Services” filter to view Services only.

Tap on the People View | Tap 

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