How to Remove a Contact From Auto-Complete

To remove a contact from auto-complete, please tap More (o o o) | Edit Profile, Groups & Contacts | Contacts | Search for the contact(s).

From here you have two options. Either you can remove the contact from displaying in your autocomplete list or remove the contact entirely.

To remove the contact from appearing in the autocomplete bar, without deleting this contact – please disable Show this person in autocomplete.

To remove this contact completely, please tap the 3 dot menu | Delete | Yes.

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How to Configure the Bottom Bar Actions?

To configure the bottom bar actions, tap 3-dot Menu in Mail View| More Options | Configure Menu.

You should set 4 Actions.Already Selected Actions will be Greyed Out.

Already Selected Actions will be Greyed Out.


Snooze Default


Mark Read

Mark Unread



Reply All






Quick Replies
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Customizing Notifications

Notifications use the notification bar, and show a short preview of the email. You can tailor each account to have a different notification scheme, e.g. have different options for work related accounts, and personal / family accounts.

BlueMail allows you to control the notifications per account using More | Notifications | scroll to the account and you will access a per account settings:

  • Disable notifications on the top bar of each account.
  • Do Not Disturb – Select specific quiet times.
  • Visual | Sound | Vibrate | LED: 
    • Visual – Disable / Enable Visual Notifications
    • Enable LED Light – Disable / Enable LED light for notifications.
    • Notification LED Color – Configure LED light color.
    • Incoming Sound – Disable / Enable incoming sound.
    • Custom Incoming Sound – If the sound is enabled, you can choose a custom sound from the list.
    • Vibrate – Disable / Enable vibration.
  • Advanced:
    • Only From And
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Do you Support Sounds? How can I Customize Sound Notifications?

To customize the sound notifications, please follow these steps:

More | Notifications | Scroll to the desired account | Sound|Vibrate|LED | Custom Incoming Sounds and choose the new incoming email sound.


  1. Check you are not in silent mode when checking sound notifications.
  2. Android can play only one sound at a time, so if you receive notifications on your emails from more than one app – only one sound will be played.
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How to Customize the LED Notifications?

The blinking LED light is used to notify you when a new email was received. You can customize the LED notifications by following these steps: More | Notifications | Scroll to the account | Sound|Vibrate|LED | Enable LED Light (Enable/Disable LED notifications) | Notification LED Color (Customize the LED notification color). Enjoy the rainbow!

Note: Some devices do support basic colors only.

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Global Settings

Using  More | Global Settings | and you will access the global settings for your accounts:


  • Customize Appearance
  • Customize Menus
  • Unread Count – Settings to present a badge on the app icon.
  • Conversations / Clusters
  • Lock Screen(Passcode) – Use our lock screen to prevent access to BlueMail.


Getting Stuff Done:


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How to Disable or Change Compose/Outgoing Sound?

You can disable the outgoing sound per account, using More | Various Account Settings | tap the account | Compose Sound | Turn OFF Outgoing Sound.

You can also change the outgoing sound using Custom Outgoing Sounds | choose your preferred sound and tap OK.

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