Do I need to keep my previous email app on my mobile to have BlueMail function?

BlueMail functions independently from all other email applications. You get Instant Notifications, automatic email sync, and have the ability to read your email without being reliant on any other app!

In fact, since BlueMail functions on its own, there is no need to keep any other email client on your device. This way you will receive an email notification just once using BlueMail’s Instant Push!

Enjoy our stand-alone app!

If you would like to disable your stock email client or any other email client, depending on the device, you can either go into that application and remove your email account, or you can try to Uninstall, Disable, or Clear Cache from that application in order to not receive any future duplicate notifications.

See here regarding uninstalling preinstalled Android apps.  

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How to Report an Email

To report an email please open the email you wish to report.

Next tap the vertical 3-dot menu in the bottom right corner and select Show Original.

Press both the volume up and down keys at the same time. This will enable a 3-dot menu in the top right of your screen.

Select Report Issue and tap OK.

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Grant Instant Notifications for BlueMail on your Doze Enabled Device

Android 6 and 7 (Marshmallow and Nougat) have some new tools built into the OS which can affect the performance of applications such as BlueMail.

One of them is the “Doze” tool that turns off your device’s Network connection if the device hasn’t been touched or moved for a period of time. This can lead to a delay in receiving Notifications for emails you were waiting for.

In order to allow for Instant Notifications on BlueMail, we highly suggest you “Exclude” BlueMail from this list.

To do so: If you have received a message on BlueMail regarding this, simply click the “Yes” button and you will be prompted to easily add BlueMail to the “Don’t Optimize” list.

If not, Open your Device’s Settings menu | tap Battery | tap the “More” button on the action bar at the top right | select Battery optimization.

On the Battery

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Renew Exchange Account

We have added some new enhancements to Exchange and Office365 support, including calendar and contact sync.

For these to work well, you may need to remove and re-add your account as Exchange ActiveSync.

To remove your account, please tap More (o o o) | Various Account Settings | Select the account you would like to remove | Edit Account and then Remove Account.

When re-adding the account as ActiveSync please select Add Other Account | Exchange | ensure the ActiveSync checkbox is enabled and continue to add your account.



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Common Solutions

First Things First

Did you know that most difficulties with an application can be solved in a few quick steps? We have some simple and easy procedures that can quickly get you back to emailing in no time.


If your device is experiencing connectivity issues, you may need to change the network your device is connected to. In many cases, this is done by simply switching your network between WiFi and cellular data or restarting your device.


For devices that do not have a connection to a mobile cellular network, switching between WiFi networks should also help.


Most mobile electronics need to be turned off and back on from time to time to ensure they are functioning optimally. While each device is different, generally restarting your device is done by pressing and holding the power button until the shutdown menu displays.


If the issue still occurs after switching

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How to Take a Video / Screencast in your Android Device?

To send a video / screencast you can use a screen recorder app.

If your device is Lollipop you can use this app to record your screen:

Alternatively, you can take a screencast using the AZ Screen Recorder app:

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How to Send / Receive Encrypted Messages using APG / PGP app?

To send an encrypted message you must have the recipient’s public key. To receive an decrypt an encrypted message it must originally be encrypted using your public key.

You can check your key settings in APG through Contacts | My Keys | Choose your key  | Edit.

For security considerations it is safer to have separate keys with which to sign and encrypt messages, though you can use the same key for both purposes.

You do not need to specifically register the recipient to BlueMail in order to recognize them as recipients for encrypted mail, but their email address must be associated with their public key on APG.

Note: A “Key not Found” decryption error occurs most likely because the message was not encrypted using your public key, or that you no longer have access to the corresponding private key.

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How to See the Status of Sent Messages?

At the top of the email list, you have a search box, under that box you see a live status bar. When you send an email, you can see it’s live status.

Emails not sent can either appear in the Outbox folder (for transient errors) or Drafts folder for permanent errors we receive from your email provider.

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How to Re-Download an Email?

You can re-download an email message by going to the specific mail, pressing the 3-dots menu on the bottom right | More Options… | Redownload Message. This may help when that mail was partially downloaded, mainly due to network issues.

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