The Unified Inbox allows you to manage all your accounts inboxes from a single view. No more going from account to account searching for those new emails. Simply open the Unified Inbox and all your emails are right where there need to be.

When you have more than one account added on BlueMail, the Unified Inbox icon automatically displays in the Account Picker at the top center of your Mail List View.

Unified Inbox with the Account Picker Open

What are the Colors for the Accounts? How to Change the Account Color?

To easily identify which account each email belongs to, we assign a color per account. This color appears in Unified Inbox per mail, showing us Read (empty) or Unread (filled) state.

You can change the Account’s color by going to More (o o o)  | Various Account Settings | tap the account you want to update | Edit Account | Account Color | Choose a color and OK.

How do I Set a Default Account to Display when Opening BlueMail?

To configure a specific account to display (or Unified) when launching BlueMail, please tap More (o o o)  | Global Settings | Advanced Features | Default Account When Launching App

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